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For a festival in China, the attraction for festival-goers isn’t what you’d expected: Dogs.

The Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival is an old tradition in Guangxi, China. Thousands of dogs will are tortured and killed, then sold as food. 

Partially, this speaks to cultural relativism: Westerners eat cows, which are sacred in Indian culture; at this festival, Chinese eat dog. 

As Anti-Media previously reported:

“In some Asian cultures, torture against animals is believed by those who inflict it to produce medicinal qualities in the meat because the torture stresses the dog out, prompting its body to produce adrenaline. Often, the dogs are tortured in front of other caged ones, intentionally, to further stress the caged dogs before they are tortured, killed, and ultimately eaten.”

Notes activist Marc Ching, who attended the festival last year:

“Anything you can think of, they’re doing. Smashing feet with hammers and just letting them suffer. I’ve seen them poke out eyeballs and cut their ears off — mass mutilation, just hanging them, cutting their heads off with machetes.”

He has been live streaming from Yulin this week — the annual festival officially begins Tuesday —  and reporting his experiences to his nearly 167,000 Facebook followers. Much of his strategy has been to intercept trucks attempting to enter Yulin.

Ching and his team, along with local activists, have already rescued hundreds of animals on this trip alone, and the festival has only begun. To help fund Ching’s rescue and care of severely injured and traumatized animals, donate here.

Thanks to Anti Media for the heads-up!

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