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Dark underarms are a common problem for most people. For some it is just slightly dark while for some it is visibly dark which can often be embarrassing. So here are some amazing tips on how you can lighten and maintain your underarms.

Firstly, keeping them clean is most important. So use a buffer and clear your armpits to remove any residual of the deodorants or lint from clothes. It not only causes the skin to darken but also causes odor.

Use a fresh blade every time you shave. A blunt and old blade will not remove the hair as smoothly and might end up damaging your skin more.

Dry Skin
Always make sure to dry your underarms before you apply any deodorant on. Also, make sure to use a mild, tried and tested deodorant as most deodorants have chemicals that will gradually darken your underarms.

Quick tips:

  1. Remove all the tiny hair using wax as quite often there’s a stubble under which gives an illusion of dark skin.
  2. You can also use a skin lightening, anti-pigmentation creams.
  3. Potatoes have natural bleaching agents. So you can rub them on to your skin and leave it over night to lighten your skin naturally.
  4. Apple cider vinegar or a baking-soda paste can be used to rub onto your armpits to keep them clean and white.
  5. Skin tight dark colored tops cause skin irritation and the lint from them can also make your skin look dark. So you must try and avoid them!

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