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Just when you thought you already know everything that you need to know about apple cider vinegar, another health benefits pops up again!

Foot and toenail fungus is a painful condition that can cause rashes and burns on the feet and in the area between the toes. It can occur under the nail beds and result in constant pain. Thankfully, soaking your feet in ACV for 10-30 minutes daily can relieve the condition and reduce the pain significantly.

An upset stomach can be soothed by drinking a small amount of ACV mixed with apple or other fruit juice. This drink is especially effective if the cause of the pain is a bacterial infection as apple cider vinegar destroys bacteria easily. To make your hair shiny, add half a teaspoon of ACV in a cup of cold water and wash your hair with the solution, then repeat the process 2-3 times a week.

Due to the powerful anti-inflammatory properties, apple cider vinegar can also treat sunburns. Add a cup of it to a cool bath and soak yourself to relieve the pain and improve the condition of your skin. A teaspoon of ACV can also stop hiccups effectively, whilea mixture of equal parts ACV and water is a great solution to disinfect your home.

ACV can also help you lose weight as the acids it contains naturally suppress appetite. Heartburn can be relieved by drinking a glass of water with a teaspoon of ACV, and 2 teaspoons of ACV and a teaspoon of honey mixed into a glass of warm water can help you get rid of leg cramps.

Apple cider vinegar is beneficial for gardening as well – add 10 ounces to 10 gallons of water and spray the roots and weeds to make your garden grow.

Here are some of the things apple cider vinegar can help you with:

  • Flushes out toxins responsible for allergies
  • Treats acne
  • Relieves varicose veins
  • Soothes arthritic pain
  • Prevents cancer
  • Treats and prevents flu, colds and sore throat
  • Controls diabetes
  • Relieves headaches
  • Improves the heart health
  • Whitens teeth
  • Detoxifies your body
  • Neutralizes body odor

Watch the video below to see 5 reasons to start drinking apple cider vinegar every day:

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Source: Weekly Healthy Life

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