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Being sick once or twice a year is ok, and we all can handle a flu or a cold, but if you are having trouble with immune system, then, it’s time to learn about a healing massage, that according to Massage Today, LiveScience, will help you remove the waste and toxins and renew the tissues and improve the function of the organs.

Lymph nodes also referred as lymph glands are located throughout the body, but visible and palpable only when they are enlarged or swollen.

They are easy to find and therefore by massaging them it will speed up the lymph nodes to filter the toxins from the tissues and increase the body’s power to prevent infections.

However, if you have fever, heart disease, active bleeding, cancer, or if you are pregnant, you shouldn’t perform the massage.

See the video below to learn how to do the massage properly:

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Source: Healthy Natural Cures

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