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Many ladies visit beauty salon to get their hair done. However, there is one reason why you should be worried about the fact that your hairdresser may be putting you at risk of getting Beauty Parlor Stroke. If you’re uncomfortable it probably means that your neck is pressed hard against the sink, leading to a damage to the blood vessels in your neck which may cause a stroke. 
A woman has reported experienced sudden weakness in her left arm and leg about just one week after she did hair at the salon. The following week, she was rushed to the hospital due to vomiting, nausea and wit high body temperature.  According to doctors, she suffered a stroke.
What is a stroke?
Stroke usually occurs as a result of limited blood and oxygen supply to the brain. When a blood vessel is blocked or damaged, it can cause to abnormal blood flow or even blood clotting and it finds the way to the brain and kill brain cells. 
Well if the damage is done in the left side of the brain, the consequences includes, impairs speech and language problems, while in the right side of the brain can result include, in vision loss or problems in the left side of your body. According to study, stroke is being the number 5 most common cause of death in the United States, and is the most common cause of disability! 
Women are more affected by the condition by men. Nevertheless,  80% of the cases of strokes could actually have been prevented!
Here are the most common stroke symptoms:

  • One-sided weakness
  • Drooping face
  • Impaired speech (might sound intoxicated)
  • Loss of vision, double vision, or spinning vision
  • Stroke Prevention

Here’s how you can prevent stroke:

In the hair salon:
First you need to protect your neck! Make sure your hairdresser washes your hair in a sink that is comfortable for your height, or in an adjustable chair. Always rest the back of your neck on at least one folded towel to minimize the strain.
At home:
The reason behind a stoke is high blood pressure. Make sure your blood pressure is well regulated. Having high blood pressure for a longer period will significantly increase the risk of stroke. Checking your blood pressure constantly especially if it is high as this can make one of the biggest differences of stroke prevention.
You need to eat a healthy, balanced diet – you should concentrate on consumption of whole foods with healthy fat content, use other alternatives salt for flavoring the meals, and watch the consumption of sugar.
You also need to stay physically active – exercising regularly is the best way of preventing stroke and cardiovascular diseases.
If you have experienced the symptoms mentioned above, visit a doctor immediately – it could be a life or death situation!
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