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Honey and lemon juice have both been used as natural remedy for blue and colds for several years now. But there is a science behind their effectiveness.
Crystal Davis, an Australian woman  decided to try the combination to find out about the benefits of lemon and honey and experience them herself. She drank warm water with lemon and honey for one year to see if the mixture could really improve her health. Surprisingly, it improve her health and even recommended the drink to her love ones.
Now, Crystal found out that there were countless improvements that happened to her body and her health. She had more energy in the morning. She no longer had problems with urinary tract infection. She also noticed that she had glowing skin. She drink the mixture permanently.
Honey is a sugary food substance produced and stored by certain social hymenopteran insects. It is a natural remedy for flu because of its antibacterial properties. It can also stregthen the immune system and speeds up the time your body needs to heal due to sickness.

Lemon is one of a very low in calorie citrus fruits. The juicy fruit composes of several health benefiting compounds such as ascorbic acid, citric acid and flavonoids. 
Lemon water doesn’t just quench thirst better than any other drink — it also provides our bodies with plenty of vitamin C, minerals and vital trace elements. It can also heal and help keep your immune system strong.
When combined, honey and lemon juice are excellent combination for fighting common cold. Honey-lemon water enhances metabolism, improves digestion, boosts your immune system, clenses the urinary tract, improves the absorption of nutrients, balances pH levels, clears your skin and promotes healing and weight loss.
Here’s how to make honey-lemon water:
 Slice one lemon and take the half.
Get the juice from half a lemon.
Add a teaspoon of honey.
Pour warm water.
Drink this every day every morning after you wake up when you haven’t had your breakfast yet. The effects will not appear overnight, but within a few weeks, you will notice that you will have a stronger immune system, along with the mentioned benefits above.
Source: Stethnews
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