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Did you know that drinking coffee first thing in the morning particularly on an empty stomach — is not a good idea, in fact, it is a terrible idea? Here are some of the negative effects this habit has on your health:

1. Stomach acids
Our stomach is composed of acids that help in digestion of the food. When our stomach is empty, especially in the morning, the acid don’t have work and when you add more acids with the coffee, our stomach becomes acidic environment and it is perfect condition for the formation of cancer cells,
2. Anxiety
Drinking of coffee on an empty stomach actually decreases the brain’s ability to produce serotonin which is calm hormone.
When our brain can’t able to process this hormone properly, it causes anxiety and depression.
Throwing a cup of coffee on top of that empty stomach causes even more anxiety by boosting your body’s cortisol and adrenaline levels.
That will leave you feeling jittery, nervous and weak.

3. Dehydration
According to expert drinking coffee on an empty stomach will increase the amount of fluids and will cause dehydration.
If you’re like many Americans in the morning, you’ll likely respond to that dehydration by reaching for yet another cup of coffee, making things even worse for yourself.
4. Loss of appetite
If you drink a cup of coffee on an empty stomach right after getting from the bed, you won`t feel the need to eat because your stomach will fell full for some time. After a while, your organism will get used to this and it won`t feel the need for breakfast.
This may seem great in the beginning because you`ll start losing weight, but have in mind that breakfast is very important because it gives you the nutrients and the energy your body needs to be able to function during the day.

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