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Jellyfish or jellies are soft-bodied, free-swimming aquatic animals with a gelatinous umbrella-shaped bell and trailing tentacles. These creatures are one of the most common causes of swimming and diving accidents in seawater. Their stings can often result in immediate pain and red, irritated marks on the skin. Some stings can also cause systemic illness and can be life-threatening.

In case of jellyfish sting you should try to stay calm and not to panic. Wash the sting with sea water and do not rub the sore spot because in this case you could rub the poison in your body. Also, do not remove the rays with bare hands and do not rub the area with cloth.

What you should do is apply plain vinegar or lemon juice on the sore spots to soothe the blisters. In case you don’t have these ingredients at the moment, you can use your urine as a remedy. The procedure is certainly unpleasant but it will surely help you at the moment.

Do not apply alcohol or plain water on the affected area in order to avoid further complications.

Additional Advice

Take some ice cubes, wrap them in a cloth and apply on the affected area to reduce the swelling. You can also rinse the area with saline solution to soothe the pain and the other symptoms. Also, you can buy an analgesic cream from the pharmacy and apply it on the affected area.

In case of allergic reaction or if the symptoms do not disappear even after a few hours, you should immediately seek medical attention.

Personal Experiences

According to people who have experienced jellyfish burns, you can use ordinary detergent and repeat the procedure several times until the stinging stops, cilantro oil or applying a thin layer of honey. You can also use Aloe Vera as well. The procedure should be repeated several times until the symptoms completely disappear.

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